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Simulation thatch xiamen Thai technology co., LTD. : is a subsidiary of artest ras group combined with the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, is the world's earliest development and production of thatched roof nanocomposite simulation, simulation of straw, bamboo mat condole top, the bamboo ceiling decoration, has its own r&d base and production base, has a history of many years of experience, the simulation thatch products..
  • Hong Kong Disneyland is a global tourist destination, Xiamen Tesi company to change the resort to increase the natural most original scenery thatched roof, so far Tesi thatched grass roof has a long history, or so natural and beautiful, simulation of straw leaves forever Lifelike natural beauty,
  • Hangzhou Zoo grass has a unique thick bulkiness, simulation, the house roof shape no matter how complex, the development of the roof thatched grass are free to install, to create a thatched roof with animals will feel the magic of nature, natural beauty,
  • Tourism farmhouse leisure resort Villa, you can give the beauty of human nature, leisure more comfortable, add color in the delicious food,